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Designed for international Chinese learners between ages 4 to 7, our interactive mission-based games help your child master listening, writing, and speaking Chinese.

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“…I LOVE that the app requires the child to SPEAK! This is one feature that I wish 洪恩识字 had. If you have come across my IG stories, my boys respond well to apps that require them to repeat after the sentence, or record their own voices. They seemed to think it’s a requirement of the game, and that they would not be able to move on unless they practice speaking!….”

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Maomi Stars – 6 features that make the app a game-changer for Cantonese learning

Claudia Lee Kimura
Ms Claudia Lee Kimura

Quad-lingual mom of five, G3-4 homeroom

teacher and blogger

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“…My kids have road-tested A LOT of Chinese learning apps, believe me. But there are only a handful that we have kept using consistently over the years and resubscribing to. Maomi Stars is one of these…. 

My youngest loved it at 2 years old when she first beta-tested Maomi Stars, and now she’s nearly 5 and still enjoys it….”

Extract from Article
Maomi Stars: review of the best Chinese literacy app for preschoolers

Emma Lee

Mom of three, Engineer, Author

of bilingual parenting blog: Lah Lah Banana

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“…This app is very user friendly and geared towards overseas families raising bilingual kids. Parents who don’t read Chinese or don’t understand Mandarin/Cantonese can still easily navigate the app for their kids.
The settings are all in English which is something I’ve heard other parents having trouble with navigating other Chinese learning apps for kids.”

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Maomi Stars Chinese app for Kids Review


Mom of two, Language Teacher, Author 

of bilingual parenting blog Spot of Sunshine

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Meet the Kitties!

Red Kitty is a social butterfly, Orange Kitty is an athlete, Yellow Kitty is a day-dreamer, Green Kitty is a culinary aficionado, Cyan Kitty is an artist, Blue Kitty is a book worm and Purple Kitty is a dancer. 

… and the children who voices them

The kitties are all voiced by bilingual children from around the world! International speakers as young as 3 years- old participated in Maomi Stars Voice Competition and won acting roles!


Maomi Mandarin Rhyme Books

Get to know the kitties through our Mandarin rhyme books!  Designed for Ages 0+, these books are written with catchy rhymes and with Pinyin and English translations in the back for our international families.


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