Board Book: Where is the Red Kitty?

Board Book: Where is the Red Kitty?




“Where is the Red Kitty?” is the debut book of the Maomi Series, designed for children from ages 0+.  Written in the signature style of the Maomi Series, the storyline is delivered in a rhyming format with a strong repeating cadence, making the book catchy and fun.  The text is supported by inline pin yin to help with pronunciations of new vocabulary.


The book takes the children on a fantastical journey to look for the red kitty and her six other multi-coloured kitty friends.  The quest will explore a variety of locations including under the bed, inside drawers, on top of sofas, above the roof top, under the sea, inside caves and in the forest.  Along the way, the children will encounter different animals such as birds, tigers, ducks, turtles, frogs, fish and butterflies.  They will also be exposed to different commonly used verbs such as eating, playing, swimming, dancing exercising and so on.  The journey ends with all of the kitties gathered together, eating and clapping – promoting a sense of camaraderie and friendship that persists through the whole series of the Maomi Books series.