What is 二会 (2 know) vs 四会 (4 know) in Chinese learning?

In mainland China. there are a set of characters where students of a certain grade is required to “2 know” and a smaller set of characters require “4 know”. What do these “knows” refer to?

  • 2 Know: Students must know how to recognise the character 会听/会认, read out the character and understand the meaning 会读. Students are not required to know how to write and how to use the character. Essentially, these are the skills required for reading.


  • 4 Know: Students must know how to hear and recognize the character 会听/会认 and read the character 会读 but also know how to write 会写/会默 and use 会用.


In Maomi products designed for pre-K and K children, our primary aim is to achieve 2 know 会听,会读。 Although the Maomi Mobile App also has a writing game, our primary purpose of including this is not for students to know how to write but that we believe the physical interaction with the form of the character helps me to recognize the word and hence is an enabler to reading 读 skills.

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